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Trump Presidency


US elections are just about. In fact Tuesday 8th November 2016 is the day for elections. Across the United States of America, people have experienced heated campaigns by both the Republican candidate nominee Donald Trump and the Democrat counterpart Hillary Clinton, where each candidate has been canvassing mainly to make it better on their side so as to get a better chance of being elected as the President of the United States of America (Angelia, 2016).

Taking a clear view of Mr. Trump and how he has been conducting his campaigns from State to State and his competence to be the president of US, one can have a lot to talk about (Emily, 2015). Realistically speaking, Mr. Trump has got several weaknesses which outweigh his strengths. Donald trump has worked hard however to make himself rich, and this has made him look down upon the people of United States. According to Nazia (2016), his weaknesses generally are about his personality and ego. He has been quoted for a long time in many occasions for instance when insulting or talking negatively about people particularly women, something which saw many of his supporters withdraw their support.

However, Mr. Trump’s presidency is viewed as that which will boost the economy of the US. Mr. Trump is so economical and economy minded hence will work towards ensuring the US economy is maintained at the world scales. Before he got to politics, Mr. Trump was a real estate businessman who accumulated a lot of wealth and understands the trends in the world economy. Despite the fact that he can elevate the economy, tackling other issues of concern to the US for instance security and terrorism, Mr. Trump is viewed as being incompetent.

Mr. Trump however could just be trusted with leadership so that the US can see his other side of the story. Leadership is a product of both nature and nurture and this means if Mr. Trump is nurtured properly, he can deliver so well like the Americans expect.


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British Exist

exit from the eurozone concept

British exit from the European Union (EU) is commonly shortened as Brexit, and took place on June 23rd 2016 (Alex and Brian, 2016). It is common to how the Greek exit from the euro was also dubbed Grexit. A referendum was held to decide whether the UK citizens would still remain in the EU or exit the union. But unfortunately, United Kingdom Citizens voted in unison for withdrawal from the European Union where they had been members for a long period of time. From the vote results close to about 53.4% voted to withdraw from EU while just about 46.6% of all the Britons voted against withdrawing from the EU.

Since referendum, which the former Prime Minister David Cameron was obviously against, a lot has taken place in the United Kingdom. Since then, UK has had a new Prime Minister Theresia May who also just like David Cameron, was against the Brexit but she later on said it was the will of the people and she had to respect it, for that is what democracy dictates (Alice, 2016). As much as the Britons exited the Union, there is still a lot of debate on how their operations and businesses for instance will continue thriving across Europe. This has led to a state where the British Authorities are tongue tied and keep pondering about exactly what to do about it.

Logically speaking, there are about three main reasons which the Britons laid down as their basis of action, which is exiting the EU. Looked at keenly, one can see the sense in them but still the reasons are debatable as to whether they were really a priority issues for the UK citizens. One of the obvious reasons was the fact that United Kingdom had forty years ago, held such a referendum to exit the formerly called European Economic Community (EEC) which was the precursor of EU, but failed to get a voter turnout which could enable them exit. Here, one can tell that UK had for a long time desired to leave the EU and this time round when a question of exiting was raised, they collected themselves well to leave.

Secondly, many had tried to exit the EEC and later on the EU but recorded a failure. For example the Labor Party attempted to win the elections of 1983 on the basis of exiting the EU but a failure resulted and Margaret Thatcher was re-elected. Alice (2016) further reports that James Goldsmith also contested the elections of 1997 with a promise to present a referendum for British leaving the EU, but he failed and only managed a 2.6%. David Cameron also declared calling for a referendum if re-elected although he later on rejected it and even promised he would resign if the UK voted to leave EU. All these show that UK for a long time, had thirst of exiting the European Union and the time had not just come yet.

As much as Brexit has been voted for tremendously by the UK citizens, the process of leaving the Union takes another two years since both parties have to agree on terms of exit as depicted in the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (Malik, 2016). Away from this, Malik further says that there a number of implications which Brexit is likely to face which include; turbulence on their economy as well as the imbalanced fate of the UK nationals who are working in the EU or citizens of any other EU member state who could want to work in the UK. In the real sense, there are a number of negative implications attached to it as much as the UK wanted to be a standalone country and the decision to withdraw from the EU could have been rethought.





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Animal Kills a Human Being


That sounds little strange because we do not hear animal violence on people that much. Even though if something like that happened that animal is probably hostile and unsecured. On July 29, 2016, Ismael Azzam who is a CNN reporter declares about “Girl Killed by Zoo Elephant”. Azzam added to this, saying “A 7-year-old Moroccan girl has died after a zoo elephant threw a rock at her.” What did I just read! An elephant threw a rock to a seven years old girl. That is literally the most peculiar news I have ever heard. I always loved elephants, they are so huge animals, but they are really so friendly too. However, that one who threw the rock is without no doubt a foolish. And the zoo management is responsible for the elephant behavior, and for not setting up clasped protection around elephants’ zone.

Animals’ attitude relies on the way it is treated. They are just like humans, if they are treated well, they would act nice. Back in the days, we used to have a dog named Tarah. The dog was really friendly, Tarah also loved to play with kids. As soon as Tarah gets hungry, he starts acting harsh and brutal. Likewise, an animal goes out of control for other reasons too. For example, having a mental illness. That adversely affect on animals behaviors. Louise McKnigh a farm owner illustrates “It was like dealing with a thousand heroin addicts”. McKnight lost 800 of his sheep due to eating flock to the type of harmful roses that made them stressed and suicidal. Animals go crazy that happens. The strange issue is not taking care of them that get them to the point where it gets hard to take them back to the normal conduction.


Leaving animals in an insecure spot to people might lead to harm individuals. Elephant, for example, is known for not being violent. An accident like that is defiantly rare and unusual. However, officials are supposed to make sure that these animals will not harsh anybody by building up some sort of visual protection wall for example. People’s safety comes first. We all know that elephant is a type of pets but they are physically huge, so the zoo management was supposed to point this out by not leaving this elephant in insecure place for zoo’s visitors.

The kid’s family has the right to raise a file to the court toward the zoo administration. Rationally, the zoo owns the animals inside their park, and one of these animals attacked one of the visitors. Based on that, the whole administration including the staff bear full responsibility for what happened and it must take a judgment against officials.

Confirming that animals are in a safe zone and they will not harm people is employees job. It really hurts to hear news like that, and it makes it even worse when whoever is responsible says that it is not their fault. Like is it the elephant fault. Who brought this elephant from the wild to the zoo?

Culture shock


As cultures evolved over time they developed certain characteristics that distinguish each one from the other. Many cultures share similarities. However, they have a lot of differences that differentiate one another. Being an international student from Saudi Arabia, who lived in the U.S., which are two completely different cultures, I feel confident to explain some of the main factors that differentiate those two cultures. Having studied abroad also allows me to express a personal feeling that international students usually go through such as cultural shock. Studying in a different country also allowed me to understand my own culture better, getting to know some main aspects such as cultural leaders.

When I first moved to Portland in 2013 all the way from Saudi Arabia it felt at the beginning that I am about to have a whole new different life. In the first few months, I had what is called the honeymoon stage that is basically being excited to explore and discover new places around and being agog to meet new people and make new friends. After a while, I started blaming myself for the moving decision. It was obviously difficult to coexist since I barely could speak English. Besides the communication issue, the food was another obstacle. I missed my hometown’s food so by then I decided to prepare it by myself. I missed up my house family’s kitchen since it was my first time cooking. The rice was little burned but it was fine. People behave differently in the U.S. than back home and that took me a while for me to get used to it. For example, hugging someone’s girlfriend to say bye that literally so strange for me. All these new experiments go to culture shock. Now this is my third year in Portland, so I am more like a normal person in this town.

Cultures vary from one another, and who form these differences are the first people who establish a culture where they determine the appropriate conduct in an action based on their beliefs or thoughts. An example of that is Ishmael who is considered as the father of Arabs. Ishmael is known for his honesty and generosity, therefore, these attributes became good manner among Arabs. He has once said “If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die.“, and that gives the hope for anyone who is living on this earth, as long as you are still alive then there must be ambition there.

To conclude, I had a culture shock when I first got here since I grow up in a different culture, however, the reason causes the variety of cultures goes to cultural leaderships. Exploring other cultures is beautiful it helps to expand our vision in order to become creative, open minded, and brilliant.

Climate change

Global climate has a long history of cooling and heating. However, this time is different because people are causing it. Climate change is a significant weather change in many places, which means the normal weather of most spots in the world is changing. Scientists have developed many ways in order to measure climate and be able to accurately predict the changes in the weather. They measure the percentage of the rainfall over the last years, the temperature all over the world, and the speed of the wind. Scientists have also observed that climate change has been occurring more rapidly during the last century. It is believed that the main causes of climate change are results of human inventions. For example, the emission of greenhouse gases cause holes in the ozone layer, which results in changing the weather in many places. Climate change effects Earth due to these reasons: the rise in the sea levels, the extreme weather, and the loss of bio diversity.
One of the results of the change of the weather is sea level rise. Because the weather is warming in many places, the polar ice cap is melting. To illustrate, during the past century, the level of the sea rose in an average of seven inches (Climate, 2014), while it remained the same for the prior two thousand years. Therefore, if the rising percentage continues, many cities around the world could face a tremendous threat of sinking in the next ninety years. An example for these cities is Boston, Miami, and New York (Climate, 2014). If that happens, many of that cities’ residents will lose their homes, many valuable sites will become history, also that will cause a huge economy failure. All in all, rising sea levels are serious problem as a result of climate change that will cause a complete destruction of some costal cities.
Another main effect is extreme weather. Weather has changed in many areas over the past years. In some areas it is becoming cooler, whereas in other areas it is becoming warmer. The World Meteorological Organization states that the years between 2000-2010 are considered the hottest decade on record (Climate, 2014). That has resulted in increased flooding due to an increase in rain intensity during the last fifty years. Moreover, drought has been increasing as well, especially in some areas around Africa and Asia (Climate, 2014). Since the 1970’s, the percentage of drought has doubled, which results in gaining more desert and shortage of water (Climate, 2014). Also, hurricanes are gaining more intensity. Scientists believe that hurricanes gain more intensity as the ocean becomes warmer (Climate, 2014). To sum up, extreme weather is formed in many earth- threatening forms: increase in flooding, drought, and hurricanes.
Biodiversity loss is also a main effect of climate change. Earth has witnessed a loss of many biological species over the last century (Climate, 2014). In addition, there are many species facing a significant risk of extinction. Moreover, a big number of animals are becoming endangered because of the weather. For example, polar bears are facing a huge risk of extinction because they live with ice, and as the ice melts, the mortality of polar bears raises (climate change impacts, 2014). Plants are also facing the risk of extinction. As the percentage of the desert increases, the percentage of plants in that area will decrease. Furthermore, with all these effects, humans could also face death resulting from shortage of food and drowned cities. All in all, as a result of climate change, Earth will likely to witness a significant biodiversity loss.
To conclude, climate change is a tremendous threat to Earth. Climate Change happened for many reasons, such as the emission of greenhouse gases. However, it has resulted in many aspects, which are the rising levels of the sea, the weather is obtaining more intensity, and a loss of biodiversity. People should work to stop earth from being destroyed and losing its nature so the future generation can live a normal life.

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Today’s superheroes

We all know or at least have heard of Superman and Batman and their assistance to improve their universe. Today, there are real life superheroes that help society in a variety of ways. Some of them offer only simple aid, for instance, helping seniors crossing the street. Others provide a massive assistance, such as preventing violent crimes. The first time  this phenomenon occurred, was in the 1990s in Mexico City where there was a guy wearing a wrestler’s mask helping families preserve their rights. Real life superheroes have been found all over the world. An example of this is Thanatos who goes to help in the night at Vancouver, CA. Likewise, in the US, there is Mr. Xtreme who has been helping innocent people for more than ten years. Another example is Captain Australia who inspires others and prevents crimes in New Zealand. All of these people were just as normal as others, but they decided to change their life to help the needy. However, are these superheroes disorderly, are they essential in our life, and is it dangerous for someone to become a superhero? Real-life superheroes are not violating the law, besides that we need everyone to be a superhero only when it is not risky.mutinousangelslider.jpg
First of all, American law allows any individual to stop a crime when it happens. However, it is better to call 911 if a violent behavior occurs, rather than involve yourself in danger. In addition to that, some states in the US allow their citizens to arrest criminals in some cases, according to certain laws and regulations. Some people might think that this is a chance to start catching criminals, but it is more than that. For instance, you cannot use firearms to catch a criminal. Therefore, if you decided to be a superhero you better learn the rules and I would suggest having a lawyer on your side, just in case something goes wrong.
We need every person to be a superhero. We all have the sense of perception; therefore, we as a community can develop our society by fixing what is wrong, even if it is a small thing. “Removing harm from the road is charity,” this simple example has been said by prophet Mohammed for being useful in public. So it is not necessary to do heavy tasks for becoming a superhero, even the little things count.
Being a superhero might involve some risks depending on the situation. It may put a superhero’s life at risk. Some superheroes risk their lives to save an individual. Others are satisfied to do simple tasks like helping a senior cross the street as we mentioned above. Personally, I think it is good that there are some people who are willing to help others for no reward, even if they put their life at risk. However, I do not recommend others to risk their lives.
Superheroes are following the law in most cases. We all need people to become superheroes only when there is no danger involved because it might get risky sometimes. So are you willing to become a superhero?


The Growth of Population in Portland

Portland is one of the most cities over the country that has a massive increase in its population. More than 40,621 moved to the city last year. People all over the country find the city of roses is a good region to live in.People tend to be friendly with strangers, there is no sales tax in Oregon, and beautiful environment is three reasons cause individuals move to Portland.

Portland people are familiar with their communication. They love to talk. I remember my first day in Portland; once I tell them that I am from Saudi Arabia and it’s my first day here they would just talk they make you feel home. Also, I have been to many states over the U.S.; I never saw friendlier people than Portland citizens. Sharing is caring you would hear that a lot around here. It makes everyone comfortable when there are the corporation and lover between others.

Secondly, no tax sales all over Oregon. Whether you go to a grocery store or Starbucks, you would not have to pay tax like the other states. That was one of the reasons I chose Oregon to go to school back when I was in my hometown. However, some people say that even though if individuals do not pay tax the markets raise their goods. Either way, it is cheaper than California, and New York.

Finally, the green environment drives people to love it. There are many sightseeings in Portland that is incredibly unbelievable. Mountain Hood, Multnomah Falls, and Crater Lake are just a few examples. Living in a green environment has its positive impact on the human psyche. For instance, the society in Texas are more likely to be aggressive than here in Oregon, and that is because the nature of the environment when it’s dry, people would be more liable to be dry too.

To sum up, friendly people, free sales tax, appealing surroundings motives people to move to Portland. I am personally moved here all over from Saudi Arabia because of these reasons, and I never regret it.