Trump Presidency


US elections are just about. In fact Tuesday 8th November 2016 is the day for elections. Across the United States of America, people have experienced heated campaigns by both the Republican candidate nominee Donald Trump and the Democrat counterpart Hillary Clinton, where each candidate has been canvassing mainly to make it better on their side so as to get a better chance of being elected as the President of the United States of America (Angelia, 2016).

Taking a clear view of Mr. Trump and how he has been conducting his campaigns from State to State and his competence to be the president of US, one can have a lot to talk about (Emily, 2015). Realistically speaking, Mr. Trump has got several weaknesses which outweigh his strengths. Donald trump has worked hard however to make himself rich, and this has made him look down upon the people of United States. According to Nazia (2016), his weaknesses generally are about his personality and ego. He has been quoted for a long time in many occasions for instance when insulting or talking negatively about people particularly women, something which saw many of his supporters withdraw their support.

However, Mr. Trump’s presidency is viewed as that which will boost the economy of the US. Mr. Trump is so economical and economy minded hence will work towards ensuring the US economy is maintained at the world scales. Before he got to politics, Mr. Trump was a real estate businessman who accumulated a lot of wealth and understands the trends in the world economy. Despite the fact that he can elevate the economy, tackling other issues of concern to the US for instance security and terrorism, Mr. Trump is viewed as being incompetent.

Mr. Trump however could just be trusted with leadership so that the US can see his other side of the story. Leadership is a product of both nature and nurture and this means if Mr. Trump is nurtured properly, he can deliver so well like the Americans expect.


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