Animal Kills a Human Being


That sounds little strange because we do not hear animal violence on people that much. Even though if something like that happened that animal is probably hostile and unsecured. On July 29, 2016, Ismael Azzam who is a CNN reporter declares about “Girl Killed by Zoo Elephant”. Azzam added to this, saying “A 7-year-old Moroccan girl has died after a zoo elephant threw a rock at her.” What did I just read! An elephant threw a rock to a seven years old girl. That is literally the most peculiar news I have ever heard. I always loved elephants, they are so huge animals, but they are really so friendly too. However, that one who threw the rock is without no doubt a foolish. And the zoo management is responsible for the elephant behavior, and for not setting up clasped protection around elephants’ zone.

Animals’ attitude relies on the way it is treated. They are just like humans, if they are treated well, they would act nice. Back in the days, we used to have a dog named Tarah. The dog was really friendly, Tarah also loved to play with kids. As soon as Tarah gets hungry, he starts acting harsh and brutal. Likewise, an animal goes out of control for other reasons too. For example, having a mental illness. That adversely affect on animals behaviors. Louise McKnigh a farm owner illustrates “It was like dealing with a thousand heroin addicts”. McKnight lost 800 of his sheep due to eating flock to the type of harmful roses that made them stressed and suicidal. Animals go crazy that happens. The strange issue is not taking care of them that get them to the point where it gets hard to take them back to the normal conduction.


Leaving animals in an insecure spot to people might lead to harm individuals. Elephant, for example, is known for not being violent. An accident like that is defiantly rare and unusual. However, officials are supposed to make sure that these animals will not harsh anybody by building up some sort of visual protection wall for example. People’s safety comes first. We all know that elephant is a type of pets but they are physically huge, so the zoo management was supposed to point this out by not leaving this elephant in insecure place for zoo’s visitors.

The kid’s family has the right to raise a file to the court toward the zoo administration. Rationally, the zoo owns the animals inside their park, and one of these animals attacked one of the visitors. Based on that, the whole administration including the staff bear full responsibility for what happened and it must take a judgment against officials.

Confirming that animals are in a safe zone and they will not harm people is employees job. It really hurts to hear news like that, and it makes it even worse when whoever is responsible says that it is not their fault. Like is it the elephant fault. Who brought this elephant from the wild to the zoo?


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