Today’s superheroes

We all know or at least have heard of Superman and Batman and their assistance to improve their universe. Today, there are real life superheroes that help society in a variety of ways. Some of them offer only simple aid, for instance, helping seniors crossing the street. Others provide a massive assistance, such as preventing violent crimes. The first time  this phenomenon occurred, was in the 1990s in Mexico City where there was a guy wearing a wrestler’s mask helping families preserve their rights. Real life superheroes have been found all over the world. An example of this is Thanatos who goes to help in the night at Vancouver, CA. Likewise, in the US, there is Mr. Xtreme who has been helping innocent people for more than ten years. Another example is Captain Australia who inspires others and prevents crimes in New Zealand. All of these people were just as normal as others, but they decided to change their life to help the needy. However, are these superheroes disorderly, are they essential in our life, and is it dangerous for someone to become a superhero? Real-life superheroes are not violating the law, besides that we need everyone to be a superhero only when it is not risky.mutinousangelslider.jpg
First of all, American law allows any individual to stop a crime when it happens. However, it is better to call 911 if a violent behavior occurs, rather than involve yourself in danger. In addition to that, some states in the US allow their citizens to arrest criminals in some cases, according to certain laws and regulations. Some people might think that this is a chance to start catching criminals, but it is more than that. For instance, you cannot use firearms to catch a criminal. Therefore, if you decided to be a superhero you better learn the rules and I would suggest having a lawyer on your side, just in case something goes wrong.
We need every person to be a superhero. We all have the sense of perception; therefore, we as a community can develop our society by fixing what is wrong, even if it is a small thing. “Removing harm from the road is charity,” this simple example has been said by prophet Mohammed for being useful in public. So it is not necessary to do heavy tasks for becoming a superhero, even the little things count.
Being a superhero might involve some risks depending on the situation. It may put a superhero’s life at risk. Some superheroes risk their lives to save an individual. Others are satisfied to do simple tasks like helping a senior cross the street as we mentioned above. Personally, I think it is good that there are some people who are willing to help others for no reward, even if they put their life at risk. However, I do not recommend others to risk their lives.
Superheroes are following the law in most cases. We all need people to become superheroes only when there is no danger involved because it might get risky sometimes. So are you willing to become a superhero?



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