The Growth of Population in Portland

Portland is one of the most cities over the country that has a massive increase in its population. More than 40,621 moved to the city last year. People all over the country find the city of roses is a good region to live in.People tend to be friendly with strangers, there is no sales tax in Oregon, and beautiful environment is three reasons cause individuals move to Portland.

Portland people are familiar with their communication. They love to talk. I remember my first day in Portland; once I tell them that I am from Saudi Arabia and it’s my first day here they would just talk they make you feel home. Also, I have been to many states over the U.S.; I never saw friendlier people than Portland citizens. Sharing is caring you would hear that a lot around here. It makes everyone comfortable when there are the corporation and lover between others.

Secondly, no tax sales all over Oregon. Whether you go to a grocery store or Starbucks, you would not have to pay tax like the other states. That was one of the reasons I chose Oregon to go to school back when I was in my hometown. However, some people say that even though if individuals do not pay tax the markets raise their goods. Either way, it is cheaper than California, and New York.

Finally, the green environment drives people to love it. There are many sightseeings in Portland that is incredibly unbelievable. Mountain Hood, Multnomah Falls, and Crater Lake are just a few examples. Living in a green environment has its positive impact on the human psyche. For instance, the society in Texas are more likely to be aggressive than here in Oregon, and that is because the nature of the environment when it’s dry, people would be more liable to be dry too.

To sum up, friendly people, free sales tax, appealing surroundings motives people to move to Portland. I am personally moved here all over from Saudi Arabia because of these reasons, and I never regret it.


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